Gene Cameron

I first met David when he was helping my wife through her chemotherapy for her breast cancer — where she got positive results from visualization, and is now a 10 year survivor – vibrantly. I then when on to work with David on several projects related to expanding his practice.
I found David to be a thoughtful, generous professional with an empowering positive attitude. I learned much from him not just in the specifics of the practice, but also an overall approach to life.

– Gene Cameron

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Vicky Varner

David is an extraordinary teacher and insightful doctor — very rare these days. He works with a body’s natural healing abilities rather than reaching for quick-fix pharmaceuticals. His methods are ancient and yet cutting-edge at the same time (a paradox, yes). His membership in the healing profession restores the honor it has traditionally earned. I give him my highest recommendation.

– Vicky Varner

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Kirwan Rockefeller, PhD

Simply put, Dr. David Bresler is a master. I’ve followed Dr. Bresler’s work for a number of years, have had the honor of studying Interactive Guided Imagery with him and his center’s faculty and it has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Dr. Brelser’s depth of knowledge and expertise is amazing, he gives completely to his students and clients and changed my life in ways I will never be able to repay. If you have the chance to work or study with Dr. Bresler, run … don’t walk to learn all he has to offer. On a personal note, Dr. Bresler is warm, compassionate, and a truly stellar man.

– Kirwan Rockefeller, PhD

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Marty Rossman, MD

David Bresler is one of the brightest, kindest, and most effective health practitioners I have ever known, in my 40 years of medical practice. an innovator and leader in the fields of holistic medicine, acupuncture, and mind/body medicine, he is a doctor’s doctor. I have known Dr. Bresler as a colleague, a teacher, a practitioner and a friend for over 3 decades. Every patient I have referred to him has nothing but positive feedback about the care they have received from him, and I refer everyone who calls me from the Los Angeles area to him. He’s a truly remarkable psychologist, acupuncturist, and healer.

– Marty Rossman, MD

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What’s Your Current Stress Level?

Human beings automatically respond to the perception of threat or danger by the release of adrenalin and other hormones that result in increased heart and breath rate, increased blood pressure, changing the flow of blood to large muscles, etc.) This is meant to be a temporary overdrive system to meet the challenge that is threatening or dangerous.

When we become chronically stressed, however, the body can be pushed beyond its ability to re-establish homeostasis (balance), and its recuperative abilities can become exhausted. That’s why learning to relax is now considered a survival skill for maintaining health in the complex and stressful world in which we now live.

According to the scientific method, you cannot reliably change anything that you can’t measure. Although most everyone today will acknowledge that they have a lot of stress in their lives, very few know how to regularly and reliably measure all of the effects that it is having upon us.

At the end of each day, we recommend that you take a few minutes to complete our Daily Stress Check List. This will allow you to keep track of the ways that stress may be causing certain physical symptoms, may be affecting your mental processing and daily behaviors, and may be evoking stress related feelings.

You can download a copy of the Daily Stress Check List by clicking here. If you are consistently checking more than 12 boxes, contact us at 310-474-2777 for a stress management program that really works.

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