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Lose Weight Faster!

Here’s To The New Year & Positive Changes You Can Make

I want to wish you a Happy New Year with the hope that 2018 will bring great happiness, health, and success your way. The new year is a great time to make important changes that can improve your health and longevity. Here are some of the ways we can help you become successful doing so:

Acupuncture Can Help You To Lose Weight More Quickly

A certain type of acupuncture can actually help people lose weight more quickly! Acupuncture can increase metabolism, reduce water retention, regulate sugar levels, and rebalance hormones. It can also help your body to manage stress, which can lead to binge eating and other unhealthy eating habits.

Acupuncture and herbal formulas speed weight loss most rapidly when they are combined with an appropriate diet, exercise, stress management, and sufficient rest.

Losing weight is one of the best ways to improve your health and longevity, and acupuncture has helped many of my patients to achieve long-term success when prior attempts were only short lived at best. Let us know if we can help you, too.

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