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What We Treat

Special Programs

As a result of many years of experience in studying, researching, and helping people living with chronic pain, trauma victims (especially those with PTSD), highly anxious or depressed clients, people dealing with alcohol and drug dependence (especially smokers, alcohol and narcotic abusers), and in helping families which have been affected by trauma, mood disorders, addictions, or health crises, the Bresler Center staff has developed unique expertise in providing the very best mind/body interventions for effectively treating these particular complaints.


Click on the links below to find out more about these specialized programs:

Acute and Chronic Pain Problems

• Addictive Disorders

• Anxiety and Stress Disorders

• Cancer Counseling

• Depressive Disorders

• Digestive Disorders

• Post-Trauma Healing and Care


In addition to these specialized programs, we have also had outstanding success in treating the following problems and situations:

• Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities

• Anti-Aging and Health Promotion

• Family Conflicts and Challenges

• Fertility, Birthing, and Delivery

• Finding Purpose and Meaning

• Immune Support and Augmentation

• Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

• Learning Disabilities

• Preparing for Surgery

• Relationship Conflicts

• Self-Esteem Issues

• Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

• Sprains and Strains

• Stress and Muscle Tension

• Traumatic Injuries