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About Us

The Bresler Center was established in 1989 by Dr. David Bresler, the founder and former Executive Director of the UCLA Pain Control Unit. Dr. Bresler was one of the first American scientists to seriously investigate and validate complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) during his tenure as Associate Clinical Professor in the UCLA Schools of Medicine and Dentistry and the UCLA Department of Psychology.

LotusAs a result, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association for Pain Management, and was appointed by President Clinton as a White House Commissioner on CAM Health Care Policy. For more information about Dr. Bresler, please click here.

The Bresler Center provides state-of-the-art patient care under Dr. Bresler’s direct supervision, utilizing a variety of mind/body medicine approaches, including acupuncture, psychotherapy, EMDR, interactive guided imagery℠, biofeedback and relaxation training, TCS, medication management, nutritional and herbal therapy. Its staff works closely with patients and their families, and has outstanding success in treating chronic pain, addiction, trauma, anxiety and stress, depression, and chronic fatigue.


Dr. Bresler is an outstanding diagnostician and with his vast experience in evaluating a wide variety of pain and stress related symptoms, he is often able to diagnose and treat unusual problems that other health care practitioners have not been able to identify. Our staff members also conduct clinical research and teach a variety of courses for both health care professionals and the public.