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Larry Dossey, MD

David Bresler is a superb clinician. I’ve referred people to him for years.David makes the world a better place.

– Larry Dossey, MD

Gene Cameron

I first met David when he was helping my wife through her chemotherapy for her breast cancer — where she got positive results from visualization, and is now a 10 year survivor – vibrantly. I then when on to work with David on several projects related to expanding his practice.
I found David to be a thoughtful, generous professional

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Vicky Varner

David is an extraordinary teacher and insightful doctor — very rare these days. He works with a body’s natural healing abilities rather than reaching for quick-fix pharmaceuticals. His methods are ancient and yet cutting-edge at the same time (a paradox, yes). His membership in the healing profession restores the honor it has traditionally earned. I give him my highest recommendation.

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Kirwan Rockefeller, PhD

Simply put, Dr. David Bresler is a master. I’ve followed Dr. Bresler’s work for a number of years, have had the honor of studying Interactive Guided Imagery with him and his center’s faculty and it has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Dr. Brelser’s depth of knowledge and expertise is amazing, he gives completely to his

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