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Judith Westerfield, MA, MFT, CCH & GIT

What can I say? Not only an original thinker, engaging, entertaining instructor and compassionate caregiver, David is a musician and plays a mean piano. Flawed? Yes, he can’t sing very well.

My first “encounter” with David, in the late 1980’s, was sitting with hundred’s of other students listening to him teach Interactive Guided Imagery. Struck by his humor, incredible background in science and alternative health I was hooked. As I look back, thirty-plus years later, this was life changing for me, personally and professionally.

Because David has always been “ahead of the pack” I have learned about and met some of the most innovative alternative health care clinicians, researchers and out-of-the-box thinkers long before they were popularly known. I have used the techniques and research I have learned from David to help hundreds of clients in my private practice. And as a faculty member with The Academy for Guided Imagery I have developed lasting, loving friendships and David is one of them.

– Judith Westerfield, MA, MFT, CCH & GIT

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