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Surprising Ways To Overcome Grief and Depression

Dealing with a serious loss is a horrible experience for anyone to under go. Profound grief which is characterized by feelings of helpless and hopelessness can often progress to depression which gives an extra goody: worthlessness – it was your fault.

Dr. Bresler believes that AIDS was a low blow, because it affected the immune system which is our main defense against viruses. He believes that depression is also a low blow, because it affects the main thing keeping us alive: the will to live.

Because antidepressant pharmaceutical medications are often no more effective than placebos and carry significant sexual and other side effects, we have continued to research various alternatives for helping our patients overcome grief and depression.

Two things are required to fill a bathtub. You must turn on the faucets, and you must also plug the leaks. Turning on the faucets means providing palliative care or relief of symptoms, including lack of appetite, sleep, libido, and vocational and social interactions.

We do this using a personalized combination of acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and nutritional supplements. We also use the same electronic transcranial stimulator that relieves chronic pain, for it can significantly elevate mood and is approved by the FDA for depression

Plugging the leaks means re-exploring and reprocessing the loss using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and Interactive Guided Imagery(sm). This combination has been profoundly helpful to getting people quickly unstuck from depression and free of its emotional pain.

For more information and help, call us at 310-474-2777 to set up an appointment with Dr. Bresler.

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