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Stress Management and Relaxation Training

Stress is an unfortunate companion of 20th Century living, for it is known to be related to many serious illnesses and to greatly accelerate the aging process.

Human beings are biologically prepared with an automatic response to the perception of threat or danger, called the” flight- or flight response.” It is caused by the release of adrenalin and other hormones, such as cortisol and growth hormone. The changes in the patients body that result (increased heart and breath rate, increased blood pressure, changing of blood flow to muscles, etc.) are meant to be a temporary overdrive system for the meeting the challenge that is threatening or dangerous.

When an individual is chronically stressed, however, the body can be pushed beyond its ability to re-establish homeostasis (balance), and it’s recuperative abilities can become exhausted. That’s why learning to relax is now considered a survival skill for maintaining health in the complex and stressful world in which we now live. (See Anxiety and Stress Management above)

The Bresler Center Stress Management Program will help you to identify your major life stressors and to develop effective coping strategies to manage them. These include active and passive relaxation techniques, acupuncture, guided imagery, exercise, massage, and nutritional support, among others.

By learning to deal more effectively with stress, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of developing catastrophic illnesses and can greatly enhance the quality of life for yourself and your family.