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Sleep Hygiene Counseling

Their are few experiences more frustrating than lying awake at night, red eyed and unable to sleep. Yet, it is estimated that more than 70 million Americans regularly experience sleepless night that can lead to severe physical and mental exhaustion, decreased productivity, reduced resistance to disease, and perhaps even dementia in later years.

The Sleep Hygiene Program at The Bresler Center is focused on providing alternatives to prescription sleep medicines that can have long-term detrimental effects upon our health. It is designed to help participants evaluate their real individual sleep needs and to discover how dietary choices, work demands, stress, exercise, personal relationships and other factors are influencing the quality of their sleep.

Patients are taught to use specialized guided imagery techniques such as our Restful Sleep CD. It was developed when Dr. Bresler was working at Disney and Times Mirror with creative staff that were exhausted but couldn’t turn their brains off at night to sleep. Nearly half of the patients who we’ve given it to cannot tell us what’s on the end of it  (i.e., they’ve fallen asleep first.)

We also prescribe FDA-approved electronic transcranial stimulators that generate a tiny signal (5 µamp) which produces faster sleep onset and more restful and restorative sleep without affecting the GI system as drugs or supplements can.

For the appropriate patients, we also recommend various herbal, nutritional, and/or homeopathic supplements that can be taken regularly without concern for any short or long term potential damage to health.

Many of our patients also report that they are sleeping much better after receiving regular therapeutic massage at our center. Contact us for more information.