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Nutritional and Dietary Counseling

Because we believe that treatment should be directed as much as possible toward stimulation of the body’s own self-healing abilities, proper nutrition is essential for patients to function at their full potential.

Poor diet can lead to increased susceptibility to infection, slow healing, fatigue, sleeplessness, even anxiety and depression. Food allergies can cause headaches and a host of other symptoms.

A nutritional evaluation at the Bresler Center may involve blood analysis, hair, saliva, and diet analysis, and specific recommendations based on the results of these tests. Patients with food allergies, hypoglycemia, Candida, and other nutritional problems are properly educated and guided in choosing an appropriate diet.

We also offer a unique weight loss program that features not only diet and exercise, but a “whole person” approach, including looking at your attitudes about yourself and the world, the way you live your life in general, the factors that cause you to gain weight, and ways to help yourself maintain a healthier, more attractive weight.

We even have a new technology that stops all cravings for forbidden foods. Ask us about it!