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Individual Psychotherapy

The presence of illness or chronic pain imposes a great strain upon all aspects of an individual’s life. Relationships with other people, the ability to¬†work, to engage in normal activities, to enjoy hobbies and social functions, and to sleep soundly can all be seriously impaired.

Typically, patients with chronic health problems become severely anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Psychotherapy is often critically needed to help patients deal more effectively with their problems and their treatments, and it can also provide the important support and encouragement that can help patients lead more active and satisfying lives.

Psychotherapy can also be helpful in when patients inadvertently resist getting well because of the subtle benefits provided by being sick. On a conscious level, most people don’t recognize these needs, and counseling can help them to understand themselves more fully, and to find other ways to meet these needs.

At The Bresler Center, we offer individual, marriage, and family therapy, as well as sexuality counseling. Our approach is nonjudgmental, interactive, and present and future oriented.