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Case Management

With the help of his staff, research assistants, and health care consultants, Dr. Bresler is able to manage highly complex medical and psychological cases that require the close coordination of diverse medical, surgical, psychological, and complementary medicine specialists. His staff at the UCLA Pain Control Unit included five physicians representing different specialties, three psychologists, six acupuncturists, two biofeedback therapists, three movement therapists, a nutritionist, a hypnotherapist, and a homeopath as well as other specialists knowledgeable in helping people in pain.

Dr. Bresler and his current team of specialists usually start by conducting a multi-specialty review of prior medical and/or psychological records and by personally interviewing the patient. Advanced diagnostic testing is ordered, if needed, and a review of contemporary research is conducted to determine the best treatment options available. Call us if we can help coordinate and manage your complex medical case.